G-Tube Pads

Our G-tube pads will comfortably fit around your G-tube (gastrostomy), J-tube (jejunostomy), GJ-tube or PEG tube, absorbing leakages from the stoma site. By providing a layer of protection between your tube and skin, our G-tube pads can help reduce inflammation and granulation around your stoma site. 

The pads are easy to clean and an environmentally friendly alternative to using disposable medical dressings. Our G-tube pads are fun, colourful and a perfect accessory for your stoma site. 

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Set of 4 Cars gtube pads
Set of 4 Gruffalo gtube pads
Set of 4 Mickey gtube pads
Set of 5 Pink princess gtube pads
Set of 4 Rainbows gtube pads
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Set of 6 Among us gtube pads
Set of 5 Avengers gtube pads
Set of 3 Bumble Bee gtube pads
Set of 5 Pink princess gtube pads
Set of 3 Safari Print gtube pads

About Us

We are parents to a beautiful little boy with additional needs. In 2020 our son transitioned from a NG tube to a G-tube. We found the medical dressings supplied from the NHS held moisture and sweat against his skin and this often caused rashes and irritation around his stoma site.

Our stoma nurse suggested we try using G-tube pads, but we found ourselves struggling to find a good quality G-tube pad in the UK and so decided to set up GTubee UK Ltd. It’s our mission to provide great quality, durable and long lasting G-tube pads that we ourselves are happy to use for our son.


If you have any questions about purchasing, using or maintaining our G-tube pads, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at GTubee UK.

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