Colourful Stripes Set of 2 GTube Pads


Colourful Stripes Set of 2 GTube Pads

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Set of 2 G Tube Pads (G/GJ/PEG/MICKEY/MINI) with optional matching G Tube Clip.

GTubee UK pads are approx. 2.7 inches in diameter.  Our G-Tube pads are constructed with 3 different layers:

1. A top layer of 100% cotton printed fabric.
2. A middle layer of fleece for padding and comfort.
3. A bamboo absorbent layer to draw moisture away from the skin.

Our pads have a plastic snap fastener for easy securing around the tube.

Pads may vary due to fabric placement.



How to Look After Your G Tube Pads

  • When cleaning your pads, we recommend that you add antibacterial laundry cleanser to your wash (such as Dettol) and place the pads in a net wash bag. Place them in the washing machine and wash with a sensitive skin detergent.
  • You should avoid using a softener whilst washing as this can affect the absorbency of the pad.
  • After the wash, you should allow the pads to air dry.

 G Tube Pads in UK


If you have any questions about purchasing, using or maintaining our G-tube pads, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at GTubee UK.

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