Musical White Tubie Clip


Musical White Tubie Clip

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Feeding tube, Oxygen tube and Medical tube support clip. Made with cotton material and fastened with two KAM snaps.

Tube can be clipped onto clothes and excess line coiled around and held in place by the clip to help reduce the risk of removal or displacement.

Pattern may vary from the picture due to fabric repeat.


How to Look After Your G Tube Pads

  • When cleaning your pads, we recommend that you add antibacterial laundry cleanser to your wash (such as Dettol) and place the pads in a net wash bag. Place them in the washing machine and wash with a sensitive skin detergent.
  • You should avoid using a softener whilst washing as this can affect the absorbency of the pad.
  • After the wash, you should allow the pads to air dry.

 G Tube Pads in UK


If you have any questions about purchasing, using or maintaining our G-tube pads, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at GTubee UK.

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