Wizard Tube tape


2 x 15cm sheets of printed Hypafix tape as displayed.

Number of strips
Choose either 5 or 6 strips
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At GTubee UK we print fun patterns onto non-sterile Hypafix retention tape which can be used to secure NG/NJ feeding tubes and Oxygen cannula’s.  The inks we use for this are ROHS Compliant and VOC and Formaldehyde free making them safe to use against your skin.

Our tapes are 10cm wide and a total of 15cm in length.  All tapes are available with an individual tape length of 2.5cm (6 strips) or 3cm (5 strips) per sheet.  We also make tapes that mirror each other to allow for a matching pattern on both the left and right side of your face.

***Please Note:  Some darker prints may leave a tint on the tube. This is harmless, will not stain the skin & does not affect the use of the tube.

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